New Chinese heavy duty dump trucks


Advanced seals help to break new ground in China

Xiangdian Heavy Equipment Co, Ltd, is the first dump truck manufacturer in China to sell their independently designed and manufactured equipment. Advanced seals from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions help make advances possible at Xiangdian

Xiangdian Heavy Equipment, a manufacturer of off-highway vehicles, counts among its customers many mining companies and construction companies that build metro lines or are involved in water conservancy projects. Having obtained 10 patents for inventions and another 60 patents, Xiangdian is one of the first dump truck manufacturers with independent intellectual property rights in China.

Pioneer in large-tonnage dump trucks
At the end of May 2011 the first 300T electrically-driven dump truck designed and manufactured independently by Xiangdian Heavy Equipment rolled off the production line, making the company a pioneer in manufacturing large-tonnage dump trucks in China.
"Our decision to design and manufacture large sized trucks was based on the overall development plan of the company," says President of Xiangdian Heavy Equipment, Li Jiping. "From 1974 to 2007 we relied on the 108T dump truck. After Xiangdian Heavy Equipment was established in 2007, we developed the 220T dump truck in 2008 and achieved pilot production. This contributed to increased profit and business expansion.
"From a technical perspective, the large-tonnage dump truck has a different body structure, which poses great challenges in terms of manufacturing and parts. Our engineers made full use of a wide range of resources and overcame a lot of difficulties. "

Growth will continue
China has imported more than 200 large-tonnage dump trucks for its economic development. A market survey carried out by Xiangdian Heavy Equipment suggests that demand will continue to grow in China ­ another reason for Xiangdian Heavy Equipment to manufacture the 300T dump truck.
Besides consolidating its leading position in the domestic dump truck market, Xiangdian Heavy Equipment has also taken an active role in opening up new markets overseas. In May 2011, it signed an agreement with Australian mining giant Rio Tinto to export mining dump trucks.

Exporting heavy duty dump trucks
According to the agreement, Xiangdian Heavy Equipment will manufacture custom-made 220T electric wheel dump trucks for Rio Tinto. This cooperation establishes the first export of China-made heavy duty dump trucks with independent intellectual property rights.
"We started negotiations with Rio Tinto in 2008," says Li. "They made an assessment of our quality system, technical exchange, customer support and other aspects of our service. In turn, we also visited their mines. The contract was finalized following negotiations on design and the manufacture of parts and the finished truck."

Striving for perfection
Li adds that Xiangdian agrees with Rio Tinto's philosophy of striving for perfection and that the two parties are committed to achieving mutual benefits. "We are capable of developing and manufacturing world-class dump trucks, while Rio Tinto's substantial experience in the use of mining equipment may help us enhance product performance and competitiveness.
For China's equipment manufacturing industry, the cooperation marks the first time dump trucks have been exported, which is a confidence builder for our national industry."
Xiangdian Heavy Equipment plans to go public in 2012, and preparations are already under way. "Getting listed in itself is not the real goal but a way to expand business," says Li.
"We aim to provide high-end products, develop advanced technology and capture a global market, and meanwhile we are working hard to improve existing products and provide customers with reliable equipment."
For the long-term plan, Xiangdian Heavy Equipment will increase annual production to 200 dump trucks, become a world-class dump truck manufacturer and break new ground in heavy equipment manufacturing in China.

Advanced seals from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions help make advances possible at Xiangdian
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is one of the world's largest manufacturers of sealing products and Xiangdian Heavy Equipments needs reliable seals to ensure their equipment performs effectively.
The two companies started working together in 2009 and Trelleborg's sealing products are now installed in the lift cylinders, steering cylinders and suspension cylinders of Xiangdian's 220T and 300T dump trucks.
Commenting on the cooperation between Xiangdian Heavy Equipment and Trelleborg, Li Jiping describes it as "smooth and fruitful".
"In the future, we will have huge demands for sealing products as our product range expands. Based on effective communication, we expect Trelleborg to develop both cost-effective and custom products so that the cooperation can be strengthened."

About Xiangdian Heavy Equipment Co, Ltd.
Xiangtan, China, is the home of the equipment manufacturer Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Corporation (XEMC) and its wholly-owned subsidiary Xiangdian Heavy Equipment Co, Ltd, a manufacturer of dump trucks used in mines. With 800 employees, Xiangdian Heavy Equipment mainly manufactures electrically-driven dump trucks together with large and small electric locomotives. These occupy a leading position within the Chinese market and it is estimated that the company's sales revenues in 2011 could reach RMB1 billion (157 million USD).