AND EXPORT (+17.1%)



The balance of the Italian industry manufacturer of capital goods is positive; in 2011 it consolidated the recovery started in 2010. This is what emerges from the final data presented today at the annual meeting of FEDERMACCHINE, the federation of companies in the sector, which hosted the meeting focused on the theme "What future for the Italian manufacturing?"

According to the data processed from the FEDERMACCHINE Statistics Group, in 2011, production increased, to 37.9 billion euros, 11,8% more than last year. By virtue of this increase, the value of production is back to 2006 levels, before the record years (2007-2008).

Main driver of growth was exports, which increased by 17.1%, and amounted to 26.7 billion euros.

The main outlet markets of the Italian industry were: Germany (2.4 billion euros +22%), France (2.3 billion +23%), China (2.2 billion euros +6%), United States (1.9 billion +42%).

Practically stable were the deliveries of manufacturers in the domestic market increased by 1.1%, to 11.2 billion euros. What penalized the result of Italian manufacturers was the weakness of the domestic demand. The domestic consumption, increased by 3.1%, stopped at 17.4 billion euros.

Aware of the downsizing of the domestic market, the Italian manufacturers have oriented their activities abroad. To confirm this is the data of the evolution of the production export share increased, in ten years, of ten percentage points arriving, in 2011, to 70.4%.

"In the light of these data - said Giancarlo Losma, president of FEDERMACCHINE - it appears that the Italian industry of the sector has responded pro-positively to the winds of crisis, flanked in this, by the federation that works to support companies in the development process and to represent the requests of companies of the sector".

"In the last year, also because of the criticality induced by the context - added Losma - FEDERMACCHINE has repeatedly intervened to emphasize the needs and proposals of interest to the companies of the sector and, indirectly, to the entire manufacturing sector of the country."

"In particular, we welcome the re-introduction of the ICE, the agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian firms, finally restored after the illogical closure of a year ago."

"With reference to the development decree - continued Losma - on the theme of internationalization support, we also consider as our success also the insertion of the measure according to which a rationalization of resources will be prepared focusing on the availability of funding for internationalization initiatives at consortiums and trade associations considering that these last know in depth the needs of the companies that they represent.

"On the other hand we welcome the decision regarding the possibility for SMEs to make use of new debt instruments through which they can strengthen their financial structure, thus facilitating access to credit for companies that today is particularly difficult also because of the restrictions imposed by Basel 3".

"In view of the interesting ideas contained in the development decree we consider however weaker the intervention in favour of research and development, essential activity, especially at this time, for the Italian companies who want to stay competitive in the global marketplace."

On the other hand FEDERMACCHINE continues its activities and underlines the need to government authorities to introduce measures to facilitate the recovery of domestic consumption of capital goods.

The weakness of the domestic market in our opinion requires a structured program of actions to restart the consumption.

Aware of the difficulties induced by the context, manufacturers still require inserting in the decree structural measure of liberalization of depreciation for capital goods through which the user companies could share the depreciation quota of the asset acquired in a shorter time, delaying the loading of taxes due to the state.

In addition to this, it would be desirable to restore temporary measures that allow the deduction from taxable income equal to 50% of the value of the investments in new machinery. These measures would function as an engine for the restart of the whole manufacturing sector".

The value of these two interventions is to be found in the fact that the effects resulting from their introduction would not then be confined to the only sector of the capital good. Instead, they would bring cascade benefits to all levels of the production chain, with advantage to the manufacturing system as a whole.

"On the other hand - concluded Giancarlo Losma - the high tax burden makes it difficult to do business. Realizing the need to maintain this line in order to ensure order in the public accounts (provided that it is temporary choice), manufacturers of machinery proposed the abatement of IRAP on the staff for a share equal to the ratio of export/turnover of the company, with the aim to reward the most virtuous companies, and to stimulate the process of internationalization of those who are still very much geared to the national market".


2009 2010 2011
10/09 11/10
Production 29.945 33.880 37.887 13,1% 11,8%
Export 19.677 22.784 26.673 15,8% 17,1%
Internal deliveries 10.268 11.096 11.214 8,1% 1,1%
Import 4.822 5.784 6.193 20,0% 7,1%
Consumption 15.090 16.880 17.407 11,9% 3,1%

(million euros)