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The Department of Foreign
Trade & Economic Cooperation of Guangdong Province

June 16-18, 2013

Succeed to the rich resources and experience of the twelve exhibitions , it attracts 200,000 professional purchasers. It has been attended by more than 30 countries business departments, and issued by more than 300media, The 14th China(Guangzhou)Int Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition will be held at the largest exhibition center in Asia.
000With the view of the world, experts predict that the largest exhibition in the line will be held in China in the future, hope that we can service satisfied for you by our endeavor.
000We are sure that we can act as first-class bridge, first-class stage and create business opportunities for you.

Brand Hall (minimum area of 36sqms): 380 USD/sqm raw space rent + 5

USD/sqm construction management fees

Standard Booth: USD3800/booth (9sqms)

Deluxe Booth: USD4000/booth (9sqms)

Product Release Conference & Technical Seminar: 1000 USD/section (60mins)

Pressure Die-Casting; high-pressure die-casting; Low-pressure die-casting; Squeeze casting; Precision Casting; Lost wax casting; Plaster mould casting; Ceramic mould casting; Vacuum casting; Casting technology; Foam pattern; Centrifugal Casting; Horizontal casting; Vertical centrifugal casting; Other Special Casting Processes; Gravity casting ;Metal mould casting ;Surface Treatment; Metal and casting equipmentCopper castingmagnesium casting0aluminum casting Aluminum alloy casting0magnesium alloy casting0copper alloy casting; Sand Preparation and reclamation plants ;Computer application; Foundry supplies; Lost Foam Casting; Foundry Technology; Squeeze casting; Casting technology; Foam casting; Non-ferrous metal industry ;Heat-treatment for foundries; Castings; Casting cleaning; Molding and core-making machines; Pattern making equipment and materials; Pollution control equipment; Material and non-destructive testing equipment; Quality control equipment and instrument; Shot blasting/ blast cleaning machine; Continuous casting; Electro-slag casting; Precision castings.

Heat treatment furnace; accessory equipment and parts of heat treatment furnace; quenching and cooling appliance; ion-nitriding equipment; inductive heating equipment; flame projector; heat treatment line; mechanical appliance of continuous operation furnace; vacuum furnace; heat treatment technology of vacuum control atmosphere; thermal instrument; automatic and measuring equipment of heat treatment; burning equipment; heating material and apparatus; hardening media; thermal insulation material; refractory material.

Dust control and decontamination unit; water treatment facilities and technology; nitrogen making technology; gas separation and recovery technology

Ventilation facilities (energy conservation and environmental protection air conditioner, exhaust fan, air blower etc.)

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